Announcer in the Voice Stylings of John Hamm

This is not an meant to be an impression of John Hamm. It’s an announcer voice in the style of John Hamm with the goal to deliver his similar cadence, tone, class and prestige. John Hamm first become well know for his acting chops playing Don Draper on the hit TV series Madman. Of course, he went on to more acclaimed work in television and movies.

Hire our male voice talent emulating John Hamm for your radio or television commercial. Listen to the voice demos below and email us for details.

Our John Hamm Voice

To download this Demo – “Right Click and Save As”

This is a picture of the ‘real’ John Hamm who continues to sooth our souls with his voice and acting.

Hire the voice stylings of John Hamm

We also can also write your script and provide full production with music and sound effects.

Contact Us for a quote on your project. From dry voice to full production with music and sounds effects, we provide quick turnaround within a day or two.

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Additional Voice and Production Demos: