Why Radio Advertising Still Matters

In the age of 4K TV, satellite channels, the Internet, 3D printing and virtual reality, the concept of a radio station broadcasting over the airways seems rather quaint. When radio first exploded onto the scene it was the Internet of its day. Radio opened an exciting gateway to news, entertainment and the sharing of the human experience. For advertisers, it ushered in an entirely new advertising medium and a bold way to influence the masses.

Even with fierce competition, radio thrives today because it continues to do what it has always done best: It attracts and holds the local listener. That listener is also a local consumer of products and services. Growing diversity within the radio industry has allowed advertisers to target their message to any demographic imaginable. Radio has done more than survive. Through the decades, it has been a powerful force of influence. Businesses that use radio on a regular basis know that advertising in tough times is just as important as when the economy is good.

Here are a few facts that showcase why radio advertising still matters:

    • Radio reaches 9 out of 10 Americans.

      According to Radio Advertising Facts, more than 92 percent of Americans age 12 and up listen to radio each week, creating an audience of over 235 million listeners. Can you really afford to neglect such a powerful and pervasive form of media?

    • Radio advertising is mobile advertising.

      Some people have called radio the only truly mobile medium there is. Think about it. You can take your radio with you in the car, to work and to your workouts. This means that your focused sales message has the potential of being anywhere your prospective customer will be, unlike a billboard or even television.

    • Radio is trustworthy.

      People build a special bond with their favorite radio stations, music and programs. This means that as stations and personalities attract more listeners, your message will potentially have more credibility.

    • Radio has proven ROI.

      A recent Neilson study shows that for every dollar spent on radio advertising, 17 dollars is generated. This ROI is unmatched by other forms of advertising.

    • Radio provides targeted advertising.

      Reach alone is not enough. For an ad campaign to be effective it must hone in on the desired audience. The variety of finely tuned formats on radio-empowered advertising do that easily and efficiently.

It’s important to reemphasis the fact that radio is a local medium fueled by local personalities and information. Even though radio is among the earliest achievements in communication of the last century, it has not lost its effectiveness to reach people where they live. The power of radio has stood the test of time in the midst of growing technological advancements.

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