Direct Response Radio Commercials

Listen to our Direct Response Radio Commercials below. Scroll down to read about our philosophy on direct response radio copywriting and learn what every good radio commercial needs to be effective. Direct response radio is about getting the phone to ring or drive instant traffic to your website offer.

Direct Response Radio Commercial Demos

Individual Radio Commercials

Time Share Exit Defence

EasyKnock – Home Equity

US Medical Supply

Yoli Transformation Kit

Debt Nostalgia

Septic Shock – Home Depot

Proactiv – Avril Lavigne

Proactiv – Justin Beiber

Page Publishing – Authors Wanted

Cheap O Air

Daymar College – Medical Assistant

Real Estate Training

Online Auction Website

USA Reading Clinic

Ancestry Website

Mortgage Services

Tulsa Welding School

New Addiction Radio – Detox

Teach Me To Trade

We also offer Spanish Script Translation and Voiceovers for our Direct Response clientele.

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Direct Response Copywriting for Success

We understand that writing for direct response radio requires a different approach as compared with regular retail radio advertising or building a brand. While some of the same key elements are required for any successful radio campaign, here are some of essentials we believe each direct response radio commercial needs:

  • Speak to the heart of the listener with a clear purpose to “solve the problem” they are having. From the beginning, your radio commercial needs to be about the listener, not the product. Don’t take this personally, but people don’t care about your product – they only care about meeting their own needs and desires. When listening to a radio commercial, your target audience is asking “What’s in it for me?”
  • Present the unique benefits of your product or service. How does it solve the listeners problem. You may be offering something that is similar to your competitors, but you must present a compelling unique characteristic that sets you apart others. At the very least, talk about something that your competitor is not talking about. Products may be close to equal, but the advertiser who communicates a unique benefit will set themselves apart.
  • Make a strong offer. This offer should be a special. It can be a unique ‘limited time’ free trial, a quantifiable discount, risk free incentive or low introductory price. Your radio commercial must communicate the idea that if people do not respond to your offer immediately, they will pay too much later or miss out altogether.
  • Refer back to the benefits of the product later on in the commercial after drawing the listener in on a personal level and after stating the offer. Add on the benefits. Repeat the main offer in the Call to Action.
  • Your Call to Action should be focused. A phone number repeated, or a website. Having both may not be beneficial. “Less is more”. Don’t give listeners an option to call or go to a website. The result will be fewer responses. Listeners should only be given one clear call to act with urgency.

Direct Response Voiceovers and Radio production

Just as it takes specific experience to write an effective direct response radio script, the delivery style of the voice talent is also different than a branding or retail sales radio commercials. Voicing for DR radio is much more direct but with a sensitive tone. There is a fine line between communicating with the listener in a strong manner and overselling the product or service. The production techniques also must compliment the desire for immediate results without offending the target audience.

When branding a business, advertising relies on media campaigns that build awareness over time. While retail sales campaigns are set up to drive instant foot traffic to their locations or website, they also rely on repeated events over time to put their store in the forefront of listeners minds.

The goal of a direct response campaign however, is to get instant results from a strong sales message and compelling benefits each time the commercial airs. Frequency within a concise period of time, such as a single week, is also essential. This doesn’t mean that multiple DR radio campaigns can’t rely on some branding over a longer period of time, but the main purpose still remains to make the phone ring or increase trackable traffic to a website.

SpotWorks Radio Production is experienced in writing, voicing and producing effective radio commercials that get results. We do not offer media buying services directly. We are happy to advise in general terms regarding varying strategies. If you need media buying services for direct response radio, we can refer you to a trusted partner based on your specific budget.

Direct Response Radio Campaigns

DR Radio provides clients with measurable results when tracking systems are properly in place. Testing is key. Effective copywriting of your radio commercial combined with strong voiceover and production values is only half of process in building a profitable DR Radio campaign. You will also need media buying services. We can refer you to our experienced media buyer experienced in booking direct response campaigns. If the radio commercial does show results, it’s time to try a different commercial or a different radio station. Please feel free to contact us for details.

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