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What does it take to deliver believable dialogue in a radio commercial? It takes voice talents that know how to act with their voice. Not all male and female voice over artists have acting chops. Some talents are naturals. Others learn through experience. Still, there are those who are not good at it.

Quality Dialogues Voices by Male and Female Talents

At SpotWorks, we have a roster of experience voice talents who can also voice dialogue radio commercials with natural ease. We also pride ourselves in the ability to provide good pricing on multi-voice commercials.

Our talents are flexible to voice just a couple of lines in a dialogue or carry a full commercial conversing with another talent in a way that is conversational while having the energy needed for radio.

Multi-Voice Dialogue at Good Prices

The reason we can voice dialogue spots at such a good rate is because our voice talents are not in the studio together. Just as with our radio commercials production services, each voice talent operates out of their own home studio. We the mix the dialogue together in the final production.

The voice talents we use for dialogue radio spots are the same talents that voice other radio commercials for us. They are happy to give a good price according to how little or many lines they need to voice for a project.

Of course, we also have the ability to do phone sessions with our male and female voice talents. We can get everyone on a conference call and the talents can voice together, each recording on their own studios. They will each send their final audio to our producer to mix the audio together. Still, it’s difficult to tell the difference as heard in our radio samples.

If you need a commercial voiced by one, two or more voices email us.

A few of our Dialogue Voice Over Demos

Dialogue Voice Demo by our Dynamic Duo ‘Randy and Randi’

Dialogue Multi-Voice Demo featuring a Variety of Voice Talents

And here are some individual commercials that feature both dialogue, as well as multi-voice testimonial style voices.

Cache Valley Transit Multi-Voice

Car Dealer Couple Converse

Quick Stop By Convenience Store – Three voicer

Husband and Wife – Automotive

Agent Auto – Witty Dialogue

AARP – Energetic Dialogue

Cheap O Air

Need a radio commercial produced? Two voicer? Three voicer? Multiple announcer voices? Serious or comedic dialogue? Contact Us.

We can also provide voices for animated characters on television commercials.

More Radio Commercial Production Demos