Commercial Jingle Production – “Radio Jingles that Move You”

Whether you’re an automotive dealer, retail store, or service based business; a custom jingle can set your advertising campaign apart from the pack. True, you need strong creative that informs and motivates your potential customer. We do that too. Featuring a jingle on your radio or television commercial can brand your business when people are not attentive.

Welcome to our Commercial Jingle Production Department, where we’ll extend your branding. These custom radio jingle compositions are yours at one time buyout prices.

Why Get a Custom Radio Commercial Jingle?

Explore the powerful marketing tool of a cutting edge jingle. Get captivating jingle production that will move people to your business and increase your bottom line. Learn how jingles can increase the effectiveness of your radio campaign for maximum marketing impact..

Email our strategic partner Terry for radio jingle production and creative that goes with it to propel traffic and sales for your business.

“How do we make your Radio Creative Jingle Happen?”

Radio Commercial Jingle Samples:

Automotive Jingle – with donut music bed: Revved Up and Ready

Radio Creative with Jingle Sing Out: Arnold Motor Supply

Big Trucks and Trailers (Jingle Donut): Triple A Semi-Truck/Trailer Repair

Creative Multi-voice with Sing Out: Mr Blowhard – You Better Call Dave’s

Full Commercial Jingle – Sing In with Donut Music Bed: Load It Up and Drive On

Simple, but Effective: A great starter jingle…

We provide Commercial Jingle Creation and Production from start to finish.

    • Full jingle packages.
    • Single tracks, 60 or 30 seconds
    • Jingle sing intros with music bed.
    • Jingle sing outros with music bed.
    • Stingers without music bed for use on the end of your radio or TV commercials.
    • Cutting edge copywriting, voiceovers and production that works with your jingle.

The Power of a Unique Commercial Jingle?

Radio jingles cut through the clutter, delivering Good creative and memorable jingle production creates powerful impact and retention.

Think of it. A person listening to the radio in their kitchen, backyard or car doesn’t hear every word spoken. When you have a radio jingle and your commercial comes on, even listeners who set their volumes low still hear your signature jingle cut through.

Effective radio ads are based on frequency (the # of times an average person hears your commercial). Repetition is essential. Higher frequency creates a greater effect.

Catchy Jingles + Strong Copy = Better Retention with a Strong Call to Action.

Even the best radio commercial is not heard every time by each listener. When it’s heard enough over time, however – it is one of the most powerful motivators on the planet. A catchy jingle works hand in hand with radio commercials that have a strong call to action, highlighting your business name, slogan and/or positioning statement.

Commercial jingles also work for branding. They’re a steady reminder that your business is ready to serve the listeners needs. The need for your product or service may be immediate or it may come at a later time. In either case, good creative combined with the power of music can build retention in the listeners mind for your business.

QUICKIE QUIZ! What form of mass communication was first on our planet? You’re right if you said music. Drums, in fact. They alerted others you were in the neighborhood, where the food was and when you were expected to surrender or fight. Fast forward to Minneapolis, Minnesota 1923, when the first-ever radio commercial jingle saved Wheaties from extinction. Time Leap to this year and right now. 83% of the population still reacts to musical marketing using radio jingles.

Additional Uses for Your New Radio Jingle

While radio jingles are huge components for broadcast, they’re equally significant when radio jingles become On-Hold jingles mixed in with messages and other music tracks. This strategy makes your business phones a cohesive element in your overall branding process.

The same holds true when your radio jingle is inserted into your video productions and becomes a website jingle or TV jingle for your video presentations. The sky’s the limit. No really. Your commercial jingle plays well on satellite radio and airline travel advertising. It makes a great introduction at trade shows, business presentations and sales meetings. Want more? Let’s talk about your radio, tv, on-hold, website and satellite jingle and plan the strategic use of your… ahem… “Radio Jingle”

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