Hard Sell Radio Production for Car Dealers

Here is a hard sell radio campaign we did for a Honda car dealership! Demos feature two automotive sales events, with 60 second radio versions and 15 second TV audio versions. If you do not have a producer to create your TV spot, we can provide you with one. We start with hard hitting radio production featuring a killer voice talent.

Hard Sell Honda – Radio

You’d Buy It :60

Hard Sell Double Tax Rebates :60

Honda TV Audio

You’d Buy It :15

Double Tax Rebates :15

What Makes a Great Automotive Radio Commercial?

  1. The Event Hook!
    What is your event and why is happening now?
  2. The Offers!
    Determine your main offer, then pile on the incentives!
  3. The Voice and Production!
    High impact and Intense Urgency that drives traffic!

Beyond that, your media buy should be designed for sufficient repetition of your radio commercial. The fewer occasions you buy, the fewer days you should run your spots. Remember, you are driving traffic to your dealership for a single event that may only be one for a few days up to a week.

We have hard sell voice talents that are ideal for car dealer radio commercials designed for maximum impact. Quick turnaround is not a problem with a day or two.

Here are two more of our automotive hard sell voice talents.

Hard Sell by BJ

Hard Sell by Kyle

Need a hard sell car dealer commercials? Get in Touch with us Now!
We provide copywriting, or provide us with your 60 or 30 second script and make it sing!

Specialty radio ads for car dealers also provided:

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