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Automotive Radio Production for Car Dealers

All creative, voice and production conducted by SpotWorks Radio Production, with the exception of when copywriting is provided by an agencies. We act as a full ad agency for auto dealers or as production house for ad agencies.
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 Automotive Demos – Various Themes

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Impersonations and Characters

Now offering Urban Automotive Radio Commercial Production.

With over 25 years of experience dealing directly with automotive dealers and quality automotive radio commercials for every automotive brand:  direct hard sell delivery, celebrity impersonations, comedy, automotive advertising agencies, we are confident in our ability to deliver character voices, automotive brand imaging, multi-voice and quality dialogue, simulated remotes, client phone recordings, male and female voice overs.

Note to Ad Agencies:

We understand that you need a competitive price. You have already done the hard part of selling the client on your services. All you want now is versatile production company that can deliver high quality automotive radio production in a variety of styles. Prices assume creative is provided.

A Note to Auto Dealers

We also operate as an automotive ad agency working directly with auto dealers. Copywriting services available and is included in prices below. All prices negotiable depending on what is needed. Prices discounted if creative copy is provided even if in rough form.

Need something hard hitting?
Listen to samples of our hard sell car dealer commercials.

Automotive Audio for TV

Voice, Sounds Effects, and jingle Production by SpotWorks

We Offer All Styles of Automotive Radio Production:

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