Automotive Radio Production

All creative, voice and production conducted by SpotWorks Radio Production, with the exception of when copywriting is provided by an agencies. We act as a full ad agency for auto dealers or as production house for ad agencies.

Automotive Demos – Various Themes

The Approval Zone

We’ve Got a Jeep for That

Performance Kia – July 4th

Oakwood Sterling Credit Event

Biggest, Baddest Used Car Sales Event Ever!

Employee Pricing – Grandma

Dollar Bill Saves the Day

Toyota of Temecula Valley

Volkswagon – Triple Play Event

Game On – Friendly Upbeat

Accord Pizza Giant – Dragnet

Score with Grand Slam Savings

Mercedes Benz Dealer – (Female)

We’re Ringing in Spring

Sound of a Downtown Deal

Westpointe – Great Escape

Sedlak – Pre-Owned (Female)

Saturn – New Way of Life

More, More, MORE!

Hyundai – Head West (Female)

LHM Dealerships – Go Lobos

Hyundai of Bedford – URBAN

Doug Henry Chevrolet – Silverado

Agent Auto Radio Series


Dealer LIVE Sounding Call In

Read more about Phone Recorded Commercials for your special event.

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Now offering Urban Automotive Radio Commercial Production.

With over 25 years of experience dealing directly with automotive dealers and quality automotive radio commercials for every automotive brand:  direct hard sell delivery, celebrity impersonations, comedy, automotive advertising agencies, we are confident in our ability to deliver character voices, automotive brand imaging, multi-voice and natural dialogue, simulated remotes, client phone recordings, male and female voice overs.

Note to Ad Agencies:

We understand that you need a competitive price. You have already done the hard part of selling the client on your services. All you want now is a versatile production company that can deliver high quality automotive radio production in a variety of styles.

SpotWorks is easily accessible on a daily basis, just as if we were working as your producers down the hall in your own studios.

A Note to Auto Dealers

We also operate as an automotive ad agency working directly with auto dealers. We provide radio jingle production, cutting edit radio and TV commercials using a variety of voice talent options.

Copywriting services are available and overall price per radio commercial is discounted if creative copy is provided in rough form and simply needs tweaking.

Need something hard hitting?
Listen to samples of our hard sell car dealer commercials.

Here creative automotive commercials at our page devoted to Kia Dealer Radio Commercial Production.

Automotive Audio for TV

Voice, Sounds Effects, and jingle Production by SpotWorks

SpotWorks provides production services in the following areas:

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