SpotWorks Production

SpotWorks Radio Production was founded in 1997 with one singular purpose in mind. To provide radio commercial production online, including radio copywriting, voiceovers and production for radio commercials and audio for television spots. At the time, various products were being sold online, but not any commercial services within the radio advertising industry.

Sure, while there were plenty of advertising agencies with websites, they were little more than online business cards encouraging clients to contact them at their brick and mortar locations. Many of these ad agencies hadn’t even posted samples of their work. This is why SpotWorks Radio Production is proud to state that were were the first full service advertising agency on the internet.

Radio Creative and Production Services

To this day, when you contact SpotWorks through our website, you don’t have to leave your business. You don’t even have to call us because everything can be done via email if you choose. We service regular clients on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. And thanks to good listings in the search engines, we continually welcome new clients – even if they just need a single job. We save all our work so you can easily return to us for revisions on past radio commercials.

It’s important to point out that there were voice talents with websites back in the late 90’s. They too provided their services directly to a variety of clientele seeking voiceovers for their radio or TV commercials. However, just like today many voice talents do not offer audio production services.

Speaking of voice talents, whether it be a male or female voice you are seeking, SpotWorks has a full roster of talent that have been vetted to provide pricing that fits with the budgets of clients. We features some of these talents in our production demos, but to hear our full roster simply contact us.

SpotWorks Radio Production writes and produces commercials for retail outlets, product branding and service based businesses.  We offer many specialty services as well, such as automotive dealers and direct response radio. A full list of what we do can be found at the bottom of this article.

Serving Advertising Agencies

While we are very adapt at serving individual clients “one on one”, much of what we do is for other ad agencies.  This is where we operate more like a production house.  Many advertising agencies handle their own copywriting and contact us to handle the voicing and production of the radio commercial.  SpotWorks also provides audio for television commercials and we are able to sync the audio to the visuals provided. Our voiceover and production rates for television are the same as when we produce to radio.

Of course, we provide radio copywriting services to ad agencies when required.  Our bread and butter is local advertising at competitive rates. But we can also accommodate regional and national campaigns with a variety of voice talent options to choose from.

SpotWorks Production Demos

If it involves audio related to voiceovers and sound editing for any type of media, contact us with your project today.  If we can’t do it, we have strategic partners you can.

Here are few links to our demos related to radio and television advertising.

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