Fun Phone Messages On Hold: Entertaining and Creative

There are industries who will always have a long wait time for callers. These include tech support, telecommunication companies and banks. If you are in an industry where phone calls translate directly into potential sales then you do not need a long phone on hold message. Rather, you really need to get to your caller within a couple of minutes tops. In this case, a few messages on a loop to promote your company services would be beneficial and be able to run for a long period of time because your callers are not on hold long enough to get tired of them.

On the other hand, if you are a bank where hold times are much longer, which happens to be the client our phone on hold samples below are from – then you may want to consider something a little more creative. Instead of running generic messages that could begin to annoy your caller, you could be doing something that entertains them.

SpotWorks writes and produces fun phone messages on hold. As heard below, they entertain your listener with fun light hearted facts. Many of the messages cleverly tie in with the fact that the listener is obviously on hold. After all, why ignore the obvious fact?

Phone Messages on Hold Samples

Mixed in with the fun facts you can still put in custom messages about special offers. For a bank it may be a credit card offer. For tech support, it could web hosting offers or information about dedicated servers. When doing this, you can economically update your message on hold loop without recreating the entire thing.

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Most of our clients will run our creative fun fact messages for a year or more. There are an adequate number of them so people don’t hear the same ones over and over. Another thing to consider is that most people don’t call their bank regularly.

Entertain Your Callers On Hold (Or Not)

  • Businesses with shorter wait times can often run generic messages about their offers and services. They are more boring for sure, but your callers are not on hold long enough to get annoyed.  (You certainly can run out creative fun facts, but they are more costly).
  • Businesses with longer wait times may want to invest in creative messages like on our samples in order to entertain their customers on hold. It’s also a great way to brand your company as a fun hip brand.

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