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Political Radio Commercials (Voices and Production)

SpotWorks provides voicing and production of political radio commercials throughout the United States and Canada.  While we also provide copywriting services in a variety of genres, typically for political ads we prefer pre-written scripts from candidate representatives and ad agencies.  After all, no one knows better than you the ‘ins and outs’ of your campaign within your own market.

Beyond the written copy you supply, using our qualified and unique voice talents and radio production techniques to deliver your message can improve effectiveness, giving you a powerful and distinct sound that grabs attention.

Email Us to Receive Demos of our Political Radio Commercials

We handle all production elements for you:

  • Voice talents for both positive and negative (attack) ads.
  • Appropriate music in background, or dry voice with no music.
  • Voicing of attributive disclaimers at the beginning or end of the commercial.

Pricing on political ads range from $225 to $300 per commercial depending on length (30 or 60 seconds).

In respect for our existing clients, we prefer not to post our political commercial samples online. Audio samples available upon request.

We have a number of demos available for instant download, simply contact us.

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