Spanish Radio Production and Spanish Translation Services

We have access to a variety of quality male and female Spanish voice talents that can deliver your radio commercial message to a Spanish market.

SpotWorks can handle the voiceovers and radio production of your Spanish radio commercial, as well as translation of your script from English to Spanish (including healthcare markets*).

Page Publishing (for Authors) – SPANISH (Juan)

Protect American (Home Security) – SPANISH (Coco)

Female Spanish Voice and Translation (Jessica) – National Immigration

IPG Law (Josue) Spanish Voiceovers and Translation

Riverton Chevrolet – SPANISH (Josue)

*In addition to translating any English script to Spanish for in a variety of industries, one of our translators is also Certified Healthcare Interpreter having completed the educational, training and examination requirements for receiving this certification.

Whether it’s a radio commercial you need translated or a script for e-Learning or a narration project, Contact us for a free sample of your English script including a Spanish voiceover demo.

Typically, when a specific length is needed (such as a 30 or 60 second radio commercial) an English script must first be edited down by about 25% to achieve the same length in Spanish.

Native Spanish voiceover artists are available as well as American talents.