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Radio Commercials for Individual Businesses

SpotWorks exists to provide custom radio production and creative to advertisers who are looking for a fresh perspective in their radio commercials, and even more importantly, a fresh new voice. A voice unique to their commercial. That is something many local radio stations cannot always offer because the same voices are voicing your competitors commercial. The problem is compounded by the fact that the producers are working through a mountain of production and your commercial is in the pile.

We exist to serve the client who wants to gain a marketing advantage by putting an effective radio commercial on the air that different than everything else. These same clients want a writer who can offer a unique perspective. Simply put, we are not writing your competitors ads.

SpotWorks does not do high volume business with a large number of accounts. We prefer to do quality work for a fewer number of clientele while maintaining the lower pricing you would expect from an online production company.

In addition to making sure your commercial contains the essentials of an effective radio commercial, we are focused on providing top notch production and a good delivery of your sales message, or as we call it in the radio business: “a good read”!

SpotWorks has vast experience working with a variety of markets… from branding to retail stores to auto dealers, as well as direct response radio.

Visit the demo page for audio samples. For a quick response and to discuss price options, drop us an e-mail explaining which area you’re interested in: Radio Commercial Production, Copywriting, Voice Overs, Media Consulting or Narration.

Additional Production Services:

We offer a variety of production services including:

  • Post Audio Production – Editing and Mixing.
  • Midi File Creation for Electronic Games.
  • Music Reproduction of popular songs.
  • Realistic Dialogue by qualified voice actors.
  • Dialogue transcription and script analysis.
  • Voice Overs for Radio, TV, and Multi Media.
  • Political Radio Commercials.
  • Full Feature Radio Production.
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