Music Production of Popular Songs

We offer close reproductions of popular songs from any musical genre or era, including vocals and full music production. Our goal is to produce an exact replica of the original so that you will not be able to tell the difference between the artist version and ours. In the event that an exact musical reproduction is not possible, we come very close to it.

This music reproduction is ideal for advertising purposes when you only want to pay for publishing rights, and not the artist rights.

Popular Song Montage:

These audio samples are licensed material owned by our various clientele. Use of these songs is restricted to the licensing obtained from publishers. Use of our reproduction of these musical selections is also prohibited without permission.

High Quality Production at a Low Price?

Our producer has the uncanny ability to build the music tracks from the ground up using the same instruments and effects heard on the original music production. We also have a range of male and female vocalists, who with the proper coaching, can mimic a wide array of musical artists.

Our producer is also one of the key musicians playing multiple instruments, which greatly cuts the cost of hiring additional talent. All of our musical reproductions are “buyout” and owned in full by our clients.

Why Music Reproduction?

Whenever a company uses an original song for commercial purposes, there are two royalty fees that need to be paid out as per the music licensing agreements.

  1. The Artist:  This is the person or group who sang and performed the original song. For example, if you wanted to use the popular song “Baby Love” by the Supremes, you would need to pay the Supremes a royalty fee for the use of the song.
  2. The Publisher: This is the person who owns the publishing rights to the song, which in most cases the person or persons who wrote the song. In some cases, there are other parties who may own a share in the publishing rights.

Music reproduction is ideal for radio and television commercials, children’s toys such as stuffed animals, novelty items, and birthday card greetings. We deal directly with companies in need of musical reproduction of original music who can verify that they have obtained the publishing rights for any song we replicate. In turn, we are happy to sign and submit talent release forms for the use of our talent including the producer, musicians and vocalists.

Reproducing a close rendition of a popular song is an excellent way to cuts costs by not having to pay for the original artists rights. We can also help you determine who owns the publishing rights for any song to confirm whether or not it is available.

Cutting the Cost to make the use of Popular Music Viable

If you decide you want to use the original song as produced by the original artist, you need to get permission from both the artist and the publisher to use the song in your radio commercial, television commercial, interactive toy or novelty item.

Buying the rights for use of the original artist is quite costly which is why most people enlist the services of production companies like ours to reproduce the song. In this case, you only need to obtain the song publishing rights from the song writer/publisher. The royalty fees for the publishing are much less. You do not need permission from the original artist if you are doing a full musical reproduction of the song.

Most publishers are happy to sell you the rights to reproduce the music and vocals on any song, as long as the product meets their approval.

Our Rates

In most cases we are able to reproduce exact replicas of original music for under $1500 for a 30 to 60 second replication of the song. In the event it is for a mass production product such as a toy, the cost can be under $1100. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss our process with you, as well as email you samples of our work. See our contact information below.

Here is a montage of the songs we have produced for clients.

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