Lowell Christensen
SpotWorks Radio Production
Copywriter, Radio Producer, Voice Talent, Voice Talent Agent

“Hi, my name is Lowell Christensen. I’d like to extend a personal welcome and look forward to working closely with you on your project.

SpotWorks is an accessible advertising agency – geared to serve clients remotely.
If you have any questions or need a price quote, please contact me for a quick response via email”.

Primarily serving clients in the United States, as well as Canada, from
Edmonton, Alberta
Phone:  780-974-3980

Voice Talents: Please use the email address below: Please note that we receive multiple requests from voice talents desiring to be added to the SpotWorks voiceover roster.  All website links are visited. All demos are reviewed.  If we like what we hear, we’ll save your contact info.  Don’t be offended if you don’t get a response. The number of emails per week is getting to be overwhelming.  (Also, please don’t add us to you an unsolicited email list).


Is he a writer who loves production or a radio producer who loves to write? Actually, each statement is true. Lowell Christensen has been successfully doing both for over 30 years. Writing came first, with radio commercial production and voicing being developed with a desire to follow projects through to the final stages.

These days, SpotWorks employs a wide variety of quality male and female voice talents to suit the needs of the client.

Training and coaching others has also been a key motivation throughout Lowell’s career. Before going out on his own, he served as the Creative Director/Production Manager for 15 years at various radio stations.

In 1997, Lowell opened SpotWorks Radio Production Services as the first full service online advertising agency and production house. The internet has blown away all per-conceived notions of how an advertiser gets their radio commercial or audio project completed. Using SpotWorks maintains quality and effectiveness, at a much lower price than a brick and mortar ad agency with high overhead.

SpotWorks Radio Production is a radio production company serving clients worldwide. Most of our clients are in the United States. We offer quality radio creative services including radio commercials and copywriting with a good selection of voice talent to choose from.

We focus on promoting our services online through our website. This sets us up to provide commercial radio production remotely to any client worldwide.  We can deal one on one with individual businesses, or serve advertising agencies as a voice over agent or full production house.

We take payment via check in the mail and also offer online payment options.