Advisory Services for Radio Advertising and Online Marketing

If you are seeking to fill and an advisory position for your company, consider Lowell Christensen for any of the following areas of expertise.

  • Radio advertising and/or digital marketing.
  • Online marketing.

Lowell is the president and CEO of SpotWorks Radio Production and Online World Media.   The services and expertise for SpotWorks Radio Production is shown throughout this website and are related to radio advertising, including creative, radio commercial production and voiceovers.

The services and expertise of Online World Media are related to online marketing include the creation and management of profitable web properties.

Details of both of these areas of expertise are shown below the bio.

The Advisory Expertise of Lowell Christensen – Bio

Having worked in radio advertising and marketing since 1989, Lowell launched his own advertising agency in 1997.  It was the first advertising agency website that was solely devoted to offering services online.  He continues to operate this business today, Lowell began working full time from home in 2004.  This service based business has consistently earned a personal net income of over six figures.  In addition, Lowell has built and managed web properties that have generated profits of over 500,000 in passive income since 2009.

Lowell is a self-taught online business owner, copywriter, and internet marketer, having started his businesses in the early days when the internet was new to marketing strategies.  As the internet became more competitive and Google more difficult to rank websites on, he tapped into a network of entrepreneurs who know how to build websites and grow profitable traffic to these web properties.

Unlike most internet marketers, Lowell is also proficient in how to build and maintain vibrant service based businesses that are strictly devoted to customers who are strictly seeking services online.

Advisory Services Offered

Companies that want to increase their online presence by growing traffic to their website from Google and through social media.  What they can do themselves and what they need to hire out.

Business owners who do not have a viable online stream of business from potential customers who are seeking services through web search.  How to get started and what is needed to be successful over competitors.

Web property owners who may want to monetize their existing web traffic with the highest payouts from Google or directly from ad buyers.

Web property owners who want to monetize existing traffic through the building of an email marketing list.


For more information about the advisory services offered in the area of radio advertising or online marketing, Email for Quick Response or Call 780-974-3980.

Radio Consulting

Lowell Christensen has also provided radio consulting services for indigenous peoples in North America who are seeking to develop their radio stations and networks. This includes developing revenue opportunities through advertising, advising on programming development and training.