Radio Commercial Production for Advertising Agencies

If you work for an Ad Agency or Marketing Firm, SpotWorks can offer quality radio production, copywriting, and voice overs at a reasonable rate.

We understand that many advertising agencies deliver full service marketing for their clients. SpotWorks can serve as your ‘production house’ to compliment your client services.

Radio Commercial Production Demo

Here’s what you can expect when you sub-contract services to SpotWorks Radio Production:

  • Reliable turn-around on fully produced commercials or radio features.
  • No additional charges on rush jobs.
  • Quick response and consistent communication via phone or email throughout the entire creative process.
  • High quality radio production at a flexible price. Since you’ve already put the effort into selling the campaign to your client, all you need now is an effective commercial that will meet your clients expectations.
  • High quality Mp3 or Wav file delivery posted on our web site for convenient download. Distribution to radio stations as required.
  • Excellent copy interpretation by multiple voices, including voice talents for dialogue.
  • Attention to detail from start to finish.
  • Effective Copywriting also available.

We have experience in all industries, including sensitive areas such as Medical Care and Health Services.

Full Audio Production Mix for Television Commercials

Are you an advertising agency producing killer television commercials but find yourself in need of audio production to complete the product? We work directly with ad agencies to provide a complete audio mix for TV spots, including voices, music and sound effects. This can be handled in a couple of ways. We can produce your script first similar to a radio commercial so that your TV producer to construct the visuals based on our audio. Or send us your completed TV commercial along with your script and we can produce and sync the audio to match. Scroll Down for TV Samples

See our demo links below for our branding and retail radio commercials, as well as automotive radio production.  We also offer copywriting services combined with voice overs and and production for direct response radio commercials. Ask about music reproduction of popular songs for licensing, as well as quality celebrity impressions and character voices.

Radio Commercial Production Demos

Volume discounts apply for multiple radio spots within a month. Even apart from that, our rates for ad agencies are already lower. Clients do not need to enter into any contracts or commitments to secure competitive pricing.

SpotWorks works with voice talents who are readily available for ‘same day’ (in most cases) or overnight turnaround, and who are flexible to offer flexible rates to meet the budget needs of an advertising agency.

We offer package rates for combined services needed but do not over charge for individual offerings when all you may need is voice and production of your provided script.

Read more about the benefits of dealing with a competitively priced and versatile online radio production company.

TV Audio Production for Ad Agencies

Here are a few television commercials SpotWorks has produced the audio for, including voices, sound effects and music.

SpotWorks is a radio production company serving advertising agencies seeking quality radio commercial production. We also work directly with individual businesses who are seeking an ad agency to market their company product or service. Our main clients are car dealers, retails outlets, direct response radio and service based businesses.