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Since 1997, SpotWorks Radio Production has been writing and producing radio commercials for a variety of industries in multiple markets. This includes medical care and health related services. We approach each campaign with a blank slate to ensure your radio commercial is customized to reach your unique target audience.

Here are a few samples of radio commercials we have written and produced using our one of our male and female voice talent options. The first step is to effectively focus what you want to say in a 30 or 60 second radio script. Once finalized, we will present you with a variety of male and female voice talent options to accurately represent your product or service.

Aspirus Keweena Hospital – Radio Campaign

These four 60 second commercials brand Aspirus Keweena using a consistant theme, while touching on four key health care areas.

Cancer Care

Child Birth

Diabetes Care


Direct Response Style Heath and Medical Radio Commercials

These samples show our medical care relaated work in Direct Reponse Radio. The main purpose of direct response is not to do branding of a product. It is to get instant response to a call center.

Byram Health Care

US Medical Supply

Davis Medical Center

Carrington Dental

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We also do TV script writing and audio for Television. We work with a television production partner to produce the visuals of your television commercial.

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