Vanity 800 Phone Numbers

We have teamed up with a trusted provider of vanity phone numbers for sale to advertisers who are seeking a competitive edge when promoting their product, service or business. Whether you are a retail company or a direct response radio advertiser, research has shown that more calls are generated by ads that use vanity phone numbers.

Proven Research:

In a controlled test comparing the use of a vanity 800 phone number against a standard numeric phone number in a radio advertising campaign, 58% more calls came in via the vanity phone number.

Vanity 800 numbers are easier to remember. Results show that more callers respond to radio commercials using phone numbers that are customized for your product, brand or business. Benefits extend also to outdoor billboards and print advertising.

What is a Vanity 800 Number?

A vanity number is simply a phone number that can be communicated verbally using words, as opposed to just listing off numbers. For example, 1-800 NEW CARS or 1-800 SHOP RATES. Listeners simply dial the numbers corresponding to the letters in the vanity number.

Thousands of radio advertisers continue to use a hard to remember numeric format to promote their toll free numbers. This increases the need to repeat the phone number multiple times in their commercials so that callers will be able to take the time to write down the number and make the call.

Benefits of using a Vanity 800 Phone Number

Increased Ad Response:

The 800 prefix is the most effective toll free ‘brand’ as opposed to 888, 877, and 866. 94% of consumers recognize 800 as toll-free. For even greater ad response, a customized phone number related to your product or service greatly increases effectiveness beyond the obvious use of the 800 prefix.

Increase Call Volume – Increase Sales:

A memorable phone number with staying power brings in more prospects. Numeric numbers dilute your sales message because ‘hard to remember’ numbers need to be repeated more frequently to be effective. A Vanity 800 number takes less time for the announcer to say when voicing and producing your radio commercial, leaving more time to strengthen your sales message.

Track Campaigns – Track Leads in Real-Time:

Through the data center of our partner, caller names, addresses and demographics are tracked for each caller. Never lose a lead with missed call reports. Record calls and playback in real-time. Enhance sales training by archiving calls.

Build Brand Awareness:

We’ve mentioned that a Vanity 800 number has been proven to increase calls instantly, but a phone number that’s easy to remember also builds your brand. Those listeners that don’t need your product or service today, are more likely to remember your phone number months down the road when they do. This kind of top of mind awareness is invaluable.

About Our 800 Vanity Partner

We can provide a long list of vanity 800 numbers for sale and ideal for a variety of business purposes. In addition, we have all the tools necessary to implement the use of your custom phone number and track response. If you so choose, SpotWorks Radio Production, works hand in hand with our partner to offer you the most successful advertising campaign possible.

Vanity 800 numbers increase response for Radio and Television campaigns, including campaigns for professional offices and services. It’s ideal for Direct Response Radio Advertising. It can increase effectiveness in Billboard campaigns, Online Marketing, Internet Radio Advertising and Building Brand Awareness for a lifetime.

Radio Commercial Production Services

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