Kia Dealer Radio Commercials – Production, Kia Coop

SpotWorks Radio Production is well equipped with automotive campaign hooks and ideas for your Kia Dealership.   We have years of experience writing and producing effective Kia radio commercials, to make sure you get the result your expect!

While we work with all types of automotive brands, this page is devoted to presenting our services for Kia Dealers who are also in need of specific services. This includes submitting creative to the Kia Marketing Program for Coop approval.

Our relevant sales driven creative and radio commercial production focus is on hard hitting 60 second radio commercials. SpotWorks creates attention grabbing intros followed by an aggressive presentation of your offers. It’s pretty much a formula for success when you combine it with the right radio buy!

1. Creative Theme Intro: Voice and Sound Effects!
2. Hard Hitting Announcer: Offers and Pile on the Benefits!
3. Stop the Music and return to Creative Theme!
4. Finish with a Strong Close to Drive Traffic!

This method can only be done with a 60 second radio commercial, but we can also write and production an effective 30 second spot as well as needed – including 30 second versions of your radio commercial for television.

Radio Copywriting and Voice Talent

SpotWorks will write your radio script. Once approved, we’ll provide a quality hard sell voice talent that is unique in your market. Pricing is at a cost that is less than higher priced automotive agencies.

We do not provide media buying services.  If you need a media buy experienced in automotive campaigns we can refer you to one of our partners.

SpotWorks Radio Production specializes in automotive creative, voice and production! And as mentioned, we will work to make your script Kia Co-op Compliant and submit it for approval!

Kia Dealers Radio Demo

Kia Radio Commercial Sampler

Earlier, we referred to the use of creative “attention garbing” intros. But this is not limited to focusing only on characters or voice impressions. A good intro can still be the main announcer. The difference is making the intro stand out with a good hook and sound effects before the music bed comes in.  Sometimes the hook is the theme, as heard here in these full versions of a 60 second Kia dealer spots.

Kia Radio Commercial Production – Full Version

Kia Radio – Credit Amnesty

Whether or not you are Kia dealer, bring us your offers and we’ll create a strong hook (backed but hard hitting voiceover talents) to make your radio commercial stand out in your competitive market.

Listen to full length 60 second Radio Commercials:

Kia Dealers Television Commercials

SpotWorks also has partnerships to deliver our audio in the form of a 30 second Kia Television Commercial. Ask how we can reduced you television production costs.

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