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Radio Production Services – The Process

Thanks for your interest in our radio production services, which may also include the writing of your radio commercial. If you are supplying your own script, we can deliver voicing and production within two days. We can also accommodate  ‘same day’ voicing and radio production for clients who request it.

Laid out below is the process for clients who need all elements of the creative process handled for them, from the writing of your radio script, to voicing and final radio production.

For new clients, we often ask for a deposit on work via our payment page. This usually covers the copywriting portion of the project with the remaining amount owing due upon the final completion and approval by you of the final product. Since every job is different, we are unable to post our prices online.  Please contact us for a custom quote. Package rates apply for multiple commercials.

The Creative Process

Step one is to write your radio commercial script. We will discuss with you what it is you wish to achieve through your campaign. Our goal will be to determine the focus of your commercial to write an effective script. This process can begin with you emailing us basic details about your business, product or service – as well as campaign details of your media buy – such as the length of your commercial (30 or 60 seconds), the start date, the number of commercials per week and the length of your campaign. All of these details are helpful to determine what kind of radio commercial you need.

The frequency of your radio ads within a given time period on a single radio station is as important as having an effectively written and produced radio commercial.

While we don’t purchase ads on radio stations for clients, knowing your media buy will assist us in ensuring the copywriting and radio production of your commercial works together with your media for an effective campaign. If you need media buying, ask us about our partners who provide this service.

Your radio script can be tweaked and revised as needed until you are happy with it. Once final wording is approved, we move to the production stage, which will include voice(s), music and sounds effects – as needed. Changes to a script after you have given us approval for radio production will results in revision charges. There are no additional charges on revisions to the production as it relates to the overall sound of your commercial. We work to ensure you are happy with the final production.

Selection of Voice Talents

As a full service radio production company, we have have a roster of voice talents available to effectively deliver your approved radio script. We prefer to select the talent for you and will often have them voice a short demo in advance for you to hear. This will confirm that you like their voice representing your business.

When we provide radio production for advertising agencies, we are happy to demo a portion of your script to multiple talents if you are not satisfied with hearing a single voice talent demo. All of our voice talents are readily available including daily delivery of car dealer commercials, so it does not take long to have individual custom demos voiced of your script.

Turnaround Time

Copywriting can be completed within two or three days. We can provide voicing and radio production within one or two days. As mentioned, we are able to provide ‘same day’ service for production as time allows for it.

Final radio production is provided to you via email on mp3 for you to hear. This mp3 audio file can be forwarded to your radio station(s) or we can supply it directly to them for you.

We are easily accessible via email and you will find our response ‘quick and thorough’. As an online company, we are used to clients corresponding with us via email on the entire creative process. That said, we are not opposed to discussing things on the phone, especially in the initial creative consult.

Email us for a price quote on any service you may need: copywriting, voice overs and/or radio production.

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