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Direct Response Writing for Success

We understand that writing for Direct Response requires a different approach as compared with regular retail radio advertising or developing a brand and image. While some of the same key elements are required for any successful radio campaign, here are some of essentials we believe each direct response radio script needs:

  • Speak to the heart of the listener with a clear purpose to “solve the problem” they are having. From the start, your commercial needs to be about the listener, not the product. Don’t take this personally, but people don’t care about your product – they only care about meeting their own needs and desires.
  • Present the unique benefits of your product in regards to how it solves the listeners problem. You may have a product that is similar to your competitor(s), but you must present a compelling unique characteristic that sets you apart for utmost success. At the very least, talk about something that your competitor is not talking about. Products may be equal, but the advertiser who communicates a unique benefit will set themselves apart.
  • Make a strong offer. A special ‘limited time’ free trial, discount, risk free incentive, or low introductory price. You must communicate the idea that if people do not respond to your offer immediately, they will pay too much later or miss out.
  • Refer back to the benefits of the product later on in the script after drawing in the listener on a personal level after stating the offer. Repeat the offer in the CTA (Call to Action).
  • Your Call to Action should be focused. A phone number repeated, or a website. Not both. Don’t give listeners an option to call or go to a website. The result will be fewer responses. Listeners should only be given one clear call to act.

Three Phases of Building a Direct Response Radio Campaign*

Phase 1: Planning, Creative Development, Media Planning, Testing Design

Phase 2: Media Buying, Data Evaluation, Media and Creative Refinement

Phase 3: Media Buying, Ongoing Testing, Creative Development, Campaign Profitability Management

*Excerpt from Direct Response Radio – The Way to Greater Profit with Measureable Radio Advertising. By Brett J. Astor & Jeffrey R. Small, Strategic Media Inc.

Direct Response Radio provides clients with radio advertising opportunities and media buying that deliver immediate results & profitable new customers.

direct-response-radioDirect Response Radio: The Way to Greater Profits with Measurable Radio Advertising

by Brett J. Astor (Author)
— -Jeffrey R. Small (Author)

Jeff Small, CEO of Strategic Media, Inc.
Brett Astor, Vice President of Strategic Media, Inc.

SpotWorks does not offer media buying services directly. We deal with a variety of strategic partners. Please state your advertising budget when you contact us.

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