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Radio Commercials for Jewelry Stores

My name is Lowell Christensen. This page has more of a personal touch, providing a focus on my individual expertise regarding the creation of radio commercials for jewelry stores.

I have been writing, voicing and producing radio commercials for a variety of retail jewelers for over 25 years.

It started with a close business relationship with a jewelry store owner who was an active advertiser on the radio station I first began my writing and radio production career. He continues to be a client today, only now I serve him from the studio of my own advertising agency.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of learning the ‘ins and outs’ of diamonds and gold in the jewelry business. Gaining additional clients in different markets has expanded my knowledge of this industry.

I have a long history of dealing with many jewelers providing:

  • Radio copy writing for diamond and jewelry product lines.
  • Male and female voiceovers for jewelry radio commercials.
  • Full radio production services in a variety of styles for jewelers.

I personally voice many the commercials I write for my jewelry store clients, and as such am able to offer a very competitive rate providing all elements in one person – writing, voice and production. I also have access to other talents as well if you desire a different sound, including female voice talents.

I have dealt with a variety of clientele… from guild jewelers to higher volume jewelry outlets… and everything in between. Soft Sell, Medium Sell, and Hard Sell jewelry store radio commercials.  I’ve had the privilege of working with clients on brand focus, sales events, and special occasions.

Listen to my Jewelry Store Audio Samples:

Diamond Days

Rolex Luxury Watches

Diamond Jewelry – Sales Event

Canadian Jewelers – Hard Sell

Life Moments (Female)

Calvin Klein Watches

Diamond Buying Event

Mack & Sons – Guild Jewelers

Karen Marie Jewelers (Female)

Tacori Event


Getaway Trip Incentives Campaign

Caso Del Sol Mexico

Fly Away n’ Stay Vegas

Ocean Carnival Cruise

I also have a variety of male voice talents available if you desire a different sound to your commercial.  And of course, access to female voice talents as needed.

Please contact me to discuss pricing.

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