Sam Elliott Voice Narration

Our main Sam Elliott voice impression page features our radio commercial production, as well as Sam Elliott voice overs for television commercials. But hold on, partner. SpotWorks also provides narration voice overs for video projects. One of our top requested voice talents is our guy who does a brilliant Sam Elliott impression. We have not found anyone working in the voiceover business that sounds as close as the real Sam Elliott has he does.

The Best Sam Elliott Voice Impression This Side of the Alamo

Actually, it wouldn’t matter which side of the Alamo you travel. Our Sam Elliott voice narrator is second only to the original Sam, but you may not be able to tell the difference. That being said, he is not the least expensive voice impressionist out in the wild west.

Pricing for radio and television commercials depends on the size of the market the commercial run, as well as the length of the campaign. Video Narration is less costly if the video is only being used online. The length of copy our Sam Elliott voice talent will be required to voice will play to the final price.

When emailing for a quote for Sam Elliott video narration, state where the video will be used, whether it’s for internal office use only or on the web, as well as the length of the video. State if you need the voice alone or mixed with music. We’d also appreciate knowing in advance the content of the video (what company, cause or political campaign).

For radio or television commercials, we cannot properly quote until we know the following:  whether it’s for radio or television, the length of the commercial (60 or 30 seconds), the market it will run and how long it will be used (length of the campaign).

Check out this video using our Sam Elliott Voice Narrator and email us for a quote.

Additional Voice and Production Demos: